答:每位完成基線問卷的參與者均可獲得價值港幣50元的超級市場現金券乙張。於往後的36個月,每6個月完成至少 3 次更新問卷的參加者(即第 1-6 個月、7-12 個月、13-18 個月,如此類推),可額外獲得超級市場現金券(每張價值港幣50元)。

問: 於整個研究期間,我最多可以獲得多少張價值港幣50元超級市場現金券?
答:你最多可以獲得7張價值港幣50元超級市場現金券,即合共港幣350元。 ( $50 [完成基線問卷] + $50 x 6 [於為期36個月的研究期間完成指定數量的更新問卷] = $350 )







Q: How can I update my personal/household profile?
A: You may log in to your account and edit your profile if necessary. Please click “Profile” then “Update profile” and submit your updated information.

Q: When do I have to fill out the monthly update?
A: You have to fill out the monthly update during the first 14 days in each month. You will not be able to fill out the monthly update on or after the 15th of each month. The next update would be collected in the following month.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for getting a HKD50 supermarket voucher?
A: Every participant who has completed the baseline questionnaire is entitled to receive a supermarket voucher worth HKD50. Additional supermarket vouchers (each HKD50) would be offered to participants who complete at least 3 monthly updates in every 6 months (months 1-6, months 7-12, months 13-18 and so on).

Q: How many HKD50 supermarket vouchers can I get at most throughout the whole study?
A: At most, you can get 7 supermarket vouchers worth HKD50 each, amounting to HKD350. ( $50 [completing baseline questionnaire] + $50 x 6 [completing specified number of monthly updates throughout the 36-month study period] = $350 )

Q: How do I know whether I am eligible to receive a supermarket voucher?
A: If you have met the eligibility criteria for getting a supermarket voucher, the system will automatically notify you and ask for your delivery address after you have completed the corresponding monthly update. If the eligibility criteria were not met, the sentence "No redeemable incentives yet" will be displayed on the "Incentive" page. The page also shows the number of monthly updates you have completed every 6 months subsequent to your completion of baseline questionnaire.

Q: What will you do to protect my personal information?
A: All data collected in this study will be kept strictly confidential and reported only in aggregate form for publicity and publication in academic journals. They will also be destroyed in no more than 5 years after the completion of study.

Q: Can I invite my friends and family members to join this study?
A: As households are invited based on random sampling and participation is limited to one member within the household only, participants could not invite their own friends or family members to join this study.

Q: I did not receive monthly email reminder, what should I do?
A: Please log in to your account and click “Profile”, and make sure you have indicated “Yes” in “Subscribe to monthly reminder emails”. If you still could not receive the email reminder in the following month after indicating “Yes”, please contact us.

Q: I have submitted my delivery address but have not yet received my supermarket voucher(s), what should I do?
A: The total number of completed monthly updates for each round will be settled in June and December every year. Participants who met the eligibility criteria would receive the supermarket voucher by post approximately 1 month afterwards. If you still do not receive the voucher after more than 1 month (i.e. by the end of July or January), please contact us.

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